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The Eighties never really ended. The short jacket of the collection Disney will always stay cool and stylish. A trip in the time and in the imagination, the eider-down is quilted, withstanding neck, closing to zip double cursor and personalized drawer and pressure buttons personalized gummed effect. Besides the style, it may bring with you everything that you want, thanks to two body pockets diagonal with closing to zip. The cold remains also instead out thanks to the regulation to the wrist with pressure buttons personalized gummed effect. The sweet arrives with the press with a comic strip Disney applied on the lining of the back, and to other applicable patches of Donald Duck freely to the clothing. Carry it anywhere you want, it can easily be transported inside its bag.

Warmth: Warm

Plotted in 40% polyester and 60% cotton calendered and finishing WR they confer to the clothing a compact hand and cotton aspect."