The Savant

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The devices we stare at each day (phones, computers, etc) give off a certain short wavelength blue light than can be very damaging to our eyes and have a negative impact on our sleep cycles. Anti-blue light technology works by blocking harmful blue light rays and prevents them from reaching your eyes. The technology is designed to cut out the blue light rays from the device screen and prevents them from reaching your eyes.
The Savant is exceptional, and no one can say different. The Savant has all the answers, and asks no questions. The Savant goes over the top, and ahead of the pack. The Savant isn't an imitation, but is compelling in all guises. The Savant. These frames are RX-able and can be brought to your local optician should you require prescription lenses.

Constructed entirely from 100% ISO 10993-1 certified polycarbonate and designed in wood-grain composition. The crystal-clear lenses are the window to your soul. Only your eyes will decide how much you'll reveal. The Savant is manufactured in a confirmed and limited quantity.