Dark Floral Skull Black Rcostardy

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Artist Rcostardy, ultizies his backround of art history and combines it with relative socail media and pop culture and street style art happening in today's ever changing world.

This piece is a example of his very cool and effortless style. Using a floral illusion to portraty a skull is both pretty and wicked at the same time.

A bit of Skull back story:

The use of skulls and skeletons in art originated before the Conquest: The Aztecs excelled in stone sculptures and created striking carvings of their Gods. ... The Aztecs carved skulls in monoliths of lava, and made masks of obsidian and jade. Furthermore, the skull motif was used in decoration.

This piece of art is solely sold online.

SIZE :80 x 100

Printed on fine art paper, with limited edition, accompanied by certificate of authenticity

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