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Shoes that are wearable jewelry

Thick-soled clear soles made of transparent spheres reminiscent of jewelry draw the wearer's and viewer's attention to wearer's feet.

Each sphere is designed to move softly with the movement of your foot, giving you a unique walking and gripping experience. In addition, the flexibility of the material is controlled to provide optimal cushioning when worn, creating a fluffy, floating sensation that you can't feel when you touch them with your hands.

The knit upper, which is simple in contrast to the distinctive shape of the outsole, is deliberately minimalist in order to match with a wide range of fashion.

The height of the heel is about 5 cm for all sizes, and while the heel is voluminous, it is transparent to reduce the appearance of weight.


The collection is inspired by the evening streets of New York and Tokyo.
We cut the murkiness of an inorganic and dusty evening from the minimalist and sophisticated atmosphere of the metropolis.